[Marxism] Blair suspects Iran role in Iraq attacks

Ian Pace ian at ianpace.com
Thu Oct 6 08:04:28 MDT 2005

From: "Brian Shannon" <Brian_Shannon at verizon.net>

> And there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, but Iran removed
them to develop its own nuclear weapons. And Iraq was attempting to buy
uranium in Africa (the UK foreign office really does still maintain
that it has secret information regarding this), and those uranium
yellow cakes are now in Iran. And the devices that look like those used
by Hezbollah are aluminum tubes that look like the tubes in Iraq that
looked like tubes used to develop nuclear capability.

This sounds like a report we should take extremely seriously (whilst 
agreeing with what you say above) - the propaganda machine is whirring into 
action to try and create a climate of public opinion sympathetic to an 
attack on Iran (which I'm convinced the US will undertake, to stop Israel 
attacking Iran first). What's interesting is that it's Blair who's saying 
these things - this leads me to suspect that he's definitely not preparing 
to step down as Prime Minister quite yet, and is possibly prepared to remain 
leader during an attack on Iran. I had previously guessed he might step down 
before such a thing would happen, to leave it for his successor to deal with 
the mess. But perhaps he's concerned that his reputation might suffer if he 
did resign whilst carnage continues to prevail in Iraq, and is hoping to cut 
his losses by shifting the blame to Iran?

I don't usually think it's productive to see geopolitical actions in terms 
of the personal interests of those at the top, but in this case I think such 
considerations are relevant.


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