[Marxism] Labor aristocracy

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Thu Oct 6 08:21:24 MDT 2005

rrubinelli :
Here's a thought:  perhaps the "malleability" of the workers in Europe and
the US to the Paddy Aplings much loved popular front, perhaps indeed, the
adherence of the CPs to a program of popular frontism, is exactly the result
of "bribing" the workers of advanced countries with "super-profits" from the
colonized countries.  Perhaps the popular front is the political embodiment
of a "labor aristocracy," and the CPs themselves are nothing but
manifestations of the accommodation of workers, white workers, to

How about that?


CB: Naw. In terms of Leninism, I'd say the anti-Pop Fronters are Leftwing
Communists with Infantile Disorder;  Petty bourgeois revolutionist twins of
the Mensheviks-opportunists, like the Reutherites. ( See Lenin's essays on
petit bourgeois revolutionists; underlying identity of ultra-lefts and

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