[Marxism] Earl Browder

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Oct 6 08:41:29 MDT 2005

I cited what the Democratic party had done from the 1820s through the
1920s, and Charles refutes it by talking about the 1930s and dismissing
the rest as conflating.

He conflates the 1860s--an era of BOURGEOIS REVOLUTION in which the
bourgeoisie could still move the world forward--with the 1930s in which
the biggest innovations of the bourgeoisie involved death camps.... 

Related...in this earlier period, it wasn't a question of "working with
the Republican Party" in the 1850s and 1860s.  The continuity of
radicalism in those days were in the ideas not the organizations were
which are short-lived and mostly misunderstood and mythologized later.
The reality is that we--Marxists, socialists, radicals generally--WERE
Republicans.  We had kicked off the Republicans as a third party
movement and contributed much to building it into something capable of
breaking through the duopoly of the Democrats and Whigs.  We did this
because we saw organizations as performing specific functions
historically and not as churches with all the answers.

People who do well to learn from that history and stop bullshitting
about it...

Radicals had learned that the point is to change the real world, not to
be correct in some abstract academic way without reference to the world.

Radicals in those days understood the value and continuity of ideas and
had little sentimentality bout organizations and associations.  Today,
some radicals have since opted for the more easily traced continuity of
what amounts to club memberships.

Radicals in those days knew that you couldn't damage slavery by voting
for Democratic and Whig parties that sustained the institution.  Today,
some radicals have convinced themselves that we will get what we want by
voting for people and parties that oppose what we want, in the
particular issues as in the general structure of civilization.

But all of the CPUS logic in supporting the party of segregation in the
1930s could have applied just as well to supporting the same party a
century earlier when it was sustaining slavery. 

Shed the delusions!  

Mark L.

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