[Marxism] immigration (response to K)

Barney Katz taxi4marx at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 6 08:57:55 MDT 2005

--- rrubinelli <rrubinelli at earthlink.net> wrote:

> "Islamist filth"?  Now that's a real socialist
> analysis. Only an
> upright, clean, and loyal supporter of 
> Judeo-Christian humanitarian
> values, as demonstrated in the humanitarian history
> of
> Judeo-Christianity, like in Jenin, Fallujah,  could
> pretend those words,
> "Islamist filth," are anything other than a
> justification for
> indiscriminate slaughter.
> How about the occupation?   Is that filthy enough
> for you?  Do you
> support, advocate, favor immediate withdrawal of all
> occupying forces
> from Iraq?  Yes  or no?  (No qualifying statements,
> contextual quotes
> needed)

Yes I support immediate withdrawal of all foreign
troops from Iraq, and said as much in the other post.
The occupation certainly is filthy. The reason I
support withdrawal is because that's what the Iraqi
workers want. That's what's important.


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