[Marxism] The immigration thread

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Oct 6 09:08:38 MDT 2005

>Perhaps I could have used less emotive terminology but
>I equate Islamism with fascism (is that a crime on
>this site, too?).

I wouldn't call it a crime exactly, but your use of the term "fascism" to 
describe people like Muqtada al-Sadr presumably is certainly an offense 
against Marxist thought. Fascism is an ultra-reactionary movement supported 
by the big bourgeoisie against the threat of proletarian revolution. 
Classic cases involve Nazi Germany and Franco's Spain. What this has to do 
with guerrilla fighters in Iraq is beyond me. Furthermore, 
anti-imperialists and revolutionaries in countries like your own Australia, 
the USA and Great Britain should not be in the business of evaluating and 
choosing sides in Iraq. Our focus should be simply on organizing mass 
actions to force the imperialists out so that the Iraqis can determine 
their own destiny. In fact, it has been people like Marc Cooper et al who 
have gotten involved in this sort of thing. They counterpose backing the 
IFTU to organizing protests around the slogan of "Out Now". Frankly, we 
don't know enough about the fighters in Iraq to get involved in this sort 
of thing to start with. When I was active with the Committee in Solidarity 
with the People of El Salvador in the 1980s, we got regular briefings from 
representatives of the FMLN-FDR. There is a dearth of such information 
today, except from people like Sheik Hadi al-Khalassi of the Iraq National 
Foundation Congress. You can read an interview with him here:


>If I ever say fascist filth when describing the Nazi
>filth, is this okay?

Yes, that's okay. But you'd be better off looking at things in class terms 
rather than slinging epithets around. Have you ever read Marxist literature 
on fascism? You'd find it quite illuminating.



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