[Marxism] Harold Leventhal obituary

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Oct 6 09:21:36 MDT 2005

An interesting obit, but one that leaves his leftist ties implicit. 
Leventhal is featured throughout Scorsese's documentary on Dylan and makes 
his leftist views explicit, as well as his disappointment with Dylan's 
drift toward inward-directed rock.

>Mr. Leventhal was also widely, if tacitly, acknowledged to have been the 
>inspiration for Irving Steinbloom, the folk impresario whose memorial 
>concert sets in motion the plot of the 2003 film comedy "A Mighty Wind."

An absolutely dreadful film.

>Harold Leventhal was born on May 24, 1919, in Ellenville, N.Y., and grew 
>up on the Lower East Side and in the Bronx. In the late 1930's he went to 
>work for Berlin, haunting New York nightclubs to pitch his songs to the 
>likes of Frank Sinatra, Dinah Shore and Peggy Lee.

Interesting. Ellenville is the next town from me.



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