[Marxism] Re; Cindy Sheehan Moving to the Center?

robert montgomery ilyenkova at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 09:33:56 MDT 2005

Given the political astuteness of many of her remarks and the exemplary
conduct she's displayed as an activist it's easy to forget that Cindy
Sheehan is an aggrieved parent who is new to politics. My impression from
both the media and seeing her in person is that Cindy is very impressionable
and prior to her notoriety was primarily influenced by the "out now" left.
Once the celebrity crowd like Martin Sheen started coming around and Cindy
started getting deluged with "run for office" appeals it was only a short
hop into Hillary Clinton's office as well as Harry Reid's. According to an
account published by the New York weekly the *Village Voice*, Sheehan came
out of the meetings and declared, "I know their offices are going to be
working with us; all we have to do is keep up the pressure on them." This
statement is hard to read in any way other than that pressure is having its
effect on her. Keep in mind that the "set a date" thing is now something of
a counter-movement to the Bring the Troops Home Now antiwar movement. The
CPUSA, its members like Judith LeBlanc on the steering ctte of UfPJ,
Moveon.org <http://Moveon.org>, Progressive Democrats of America, and to
some extent the AFL-CIO leadership are constituting themselves as a "peace
bloc" around phased withdrawal, set a date, exit strategy etc. This will
mount a growing challenge for the antiwar movement and local coalitions
around the country. So its unfair to pick on Cindy Sheehan. Yet it's true
that she, like much of the movement (the old ABB forces), is moving rapidly
towards the center. So the issue isn't Cindy Sheehan.

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