[Marxism] Earl Browder

Julius Wilm jwilm at ruc.dk
Thu Oct 6 09:37:00 MDT 2005

Actually, Earl Browder just quoted Vice-President Wallace, saying the 
world could not remain "half-slave".


Wallace said more than a few things leftists then and now might find 
sympathetic. (Consider for example: "I believe we can get cooperation 
once Russia understands that our primary objective is neither saving the 
British Empire nor purchasing oil in the Near East with the lives of 
American soldiers. We cannot allow oil rivalries to force us into war." 
The Way to Peace, September 12, 1946)
But were they not illusionary, in the sense that even if the democratic 
party had carried them, they just favored less brutal means for the 
prevailing ends? For example the foreign policy speeches never 
questioned such things as free trade, but only intended to use them in a 
much more humane way, which of course never has been done. During WWII 
he then consequently proclaimed that his "Century of Common Man" was 
already on its way, in the shape of the supposedly socially responsible 
foreign investment of United Fruit in Latin America.
Has the left ever benefitted from supporting politicians with such 
"alternative" outlooks on very un-alternative concerns?


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