[Marxism] Re: More Narrow Comments on Abortion

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Oct 6 10:02:09 MDT 2005

>Abortion is slavery. Yes, I am a woman, and for your
>info not long ago I nearly got driven of a Marxist
>list by a gang of MEN for raising this issue. Accept
>that there may be some women who disagree with you,
>stop thinking in black and white terms. And no, I am
>not 'male identified' or any of those other offensive
>terms used by the Stalinised feminist establishment to
>stifle and silence women who disagree with their party

Well, we don't know if you are a woman at all. For all we know, you are 
just a miserable troll wasting our time. One of the classic trolling ploys 
on leftwing lists is to argue against abortion using leftish rhetoric. If 
you want to do that sort of thing, you might check out Doug Henwood's list 
where people like Dennis Perrin and others have agonized over the killing 
of unborn children. Just not here.



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