[Marxism] Re: Population Control

Red Witche red_witche at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 6 10:04:36 MDT 2005

'This is not about population control, reducing the
number of workers,
etc.-- it is about preserving property by denying
women universal access
to a safe medical procedure-- and screening that
oppression by appeals
to right, might, need, morality-- exactly the same
sort of utterly
stupid appeal presented by Michael Sims from a pseudo
left position.'

Why then were Internatuional Planned Parenthood funds
used by the UNFPA for forced sterilizations in Peru
and forced abortions in China?

Why do Marie Stopes Intenrational have a 2.4 child
policy, if it has nothing to do with population

Face it, it is cheaper for the State to have legal
abortion rather than provide for poor children. Who
needs free child care, maternity leace atc when you
have easy and cheap access to abortion?

Planned Parnethood's founder, Margaret Sanger, was a
eugenicist who believed in the forcible sterilization
of blacks and poor whites who were not educated.
Marie Stopes also had such views.
The same mentality does prevail today among the elite,
and it is not in anyones interest to support such vile
'Every child should be a wanted child' - you may as
well say every person should be wanted. Yet many
adults are 'unwanted' - the homeless, drug addicts
etc. Yet nobody other than the far right proposes that
they be exterminated.....



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