[Marxism] The immigration thread

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Thu Oct 6 11:35:34 MDT 2005

Proyect wrote:

> It is highly doubtful that fascists would be in an armed struggle with 
> US imperialism, which--while not being fascist--is a state that Hitler 
> would have wet dreams about.

apart from the fact that the above statement is factually wrong, isn't 
it also a bit of an idealistic position - that national differences 
disappear so long as a common ideology holds people together? i mean 
there were fascist elements within the anti-German resistance in at 
least France and Poland during World War II, within Italy itself there 
was a fascist revolt against Mussolini, and today the European far right 
has vacillated between backing far-right Arab and Jewish elements in the 
Middle East (tending to prefe the former over the latter).

so even if your (demonstrably untrue) suggestion that the United States 
is fascist were correct, this would by no means mean that anybody who 
opposed the United States was necessarily "anti-fascist"

but as anybody who has studied the U.S. far right knows (and knew long 
before Timothy McVeigh broke the news to the rest of us) most fascists, 
includnig most fascists in the united states, are firmly anti-American. 
Ever since its "5th era" even the conservative KKK has seen itself as an 
enemy of the state...

for a better appraisal of what fascism is and why it is often 
anti-imperialist, people may be interested in checking out J. Sakai's 
/The Shock of Recognition/, on my site at 

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