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Thu Oct 6 11:59:40 MDT 2005

i admire your wit, but i also think that you have hit the nail on the head.
we are dicussing two different things, with different priorities - when 
i think about fascism and anti-fascism, i think about actual groups and 
people who are active today; while thay call themselves fascists, they 
would probably have been at home in Nazi Germany as much as most 
list-members would be at home in Stalin's USSR.

In other words, time has past, and there's some new developments to be 
taken into account.

Why one might prefer to read Sakai over Trotsky, Guerin or Neumann is 
for the simple reason that those three were (as are we all) biologically 
and physically constrained to only deal with events that had occured 
pior to their own deaths - we'd have to guess at what Daniel Guerin 
would have written about the Taliban or the Church of the Creator, we 
can't actually know for sure.
For that reason some of us prefer current writers, for the light they 
can shed on current developments.

Louis Proyect wrote:

> Kerlpledseb:
>> for a better appraisal of what fascism is and why it is often 
>> anti-imperialist, people may be interested in checking out J. Sakai's 
>> /The Shock of Recognition/, on my site at 
>> http://www.kersplebedeb.com/mystuff/books/fascism/shock.html
> I have no idea why one would read J. Sakai when Trotsky, Guerin or 
> Franz Neumann, for that matter, are available. It is like choosing 
> muscatel over vintage Cognac.
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