[Marxism] Blair suspects Iran role in Iraq attacks

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at resist.ca
Thu Oct 6 12:34:44 MDT 2005

In order to attack a country, you need an army. The US does not have 
one, thanks to the brave women and men of Iraq, so unless you are 
talking about surgical strikes upon tehran, there is no attack coming in 
the future, and it's really just that simple.

Ian Pace wrote:
> This sounds like a report we should take extremely seriously (whilst 
> agreeing with what you say above) - the propaganda machine is whirring 
> into action to try and create a climate of public opinion sympathetic to 
> an attack on Iran (which I'm convinced the US will undertake, to stop 
> Israel attacking Iran first). 
Macdonald Stainsby
In the contradiction lies the hope
    --Bertholt Brecht.

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