[Marxism] Hitler's attack on the USSR

Bill Quimby wquimby at ecr.net
Thu Oct 6 12:54:46 MDT 2005

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky wrote of Hitler:

 >In the end, his deepest wish was to elliminate the Soviets or what
 >would remain of them, and turn Russia into the colony that the German
 >bourgeoisie lacked.

I really wish I would keep reading notes. I recently came across the thought 
that in the "historical consciousness" of the German upper class (and as a 
result the military) prior to WW2, the politically-defined areas known as Poland 
and Russia DID NOT EVEN EXIST as legitimate entities. (After all, Poland had 
only been a unique political entity since WWI - a very, very short time.) This 
was land looked upon, as the American settlers looked upon the West, as free for 
the taking.

Strong factors leading to that consciousness, it was suggested, were 1) the 
boundaries of the areas to be seized had been in political and ethnological flux 
for hundreds of years, 2) these boundaries had only recently been "fixed" by 
non-legitimate, outside forces, 3) a good portion of Poland had been within 
recent memory (and lifetimes) been German, and 4) an imperialist belief that 
"spoils" were a primary goal of the state, 5) the belief that the "peoples" 
living in those areas were intellectually and culturally unable to govern 

And, they thought, if Hitler could get them there -

- Bill

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