[Marxism] WWP does it again

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Oct 6 14:02:21 MDT 2005

>And marginalize them so that they have no real say in what happens. You
>forgot that part. "Inclusion On Paper" isn't really inclusion at all.

Let me put it this way. The UfPJ is bureaucratic, but the UfPJ combines the 
same kind of bureaucracy plus sectarianism.

>Essentially your criticism of WWP's action is that they shouldn't be
>doing something on their own, without asking anyone else's permission.
>Sometimes that criticism holds water--such as the case of organizing
>mass demonstrations without trying to build a broad, united movement to
>base it on. In this case, though, it's just petty bickering.

Oh, please, Adam. I have only been watching these people in operation for 
38 years. Everything they do is calculated to build a movement that they 
can control, from Panama to Mumia. This sort of bullshit has to come to an 



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