[Marxism] Re: WWP does it again

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Thu Oct 6 14:04:34 MDT 2005

Linda Jansen wrote:
> Below is a link to a Seattle Weekly article written by Geov Parrish.
> He is constantly harping on the idea that ANSWER scares away the
> "mainstream people" who might otherwise attend a demo.

This battle is better just ignored. It's bullshit that ANSWER scares
away anyone, except a few journalists and careerists like Hayden. ANSWER
is still a pain in the ass and I would like it vanish, but for quite
different reasons than that it will scare away liberals ("mainstream
people" is aesopian language for "old fashioned liberals among the
citizenry," who constitute a rather different group than do professional


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