[Marxism] Re: WWP does it again

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Oct 6 14:34:43 MDT 2005

Eli Stephens:
>Wow, you really nailed me. Except for the fact that I specifically cited 
>(with URL) the LITERATURE that is available on the website for download to 
>be distributed, which does NOT mention IAC or WWP, as I said. And as if 
>using the existing bank account of an existing coalition to collect money 
>for a one-off event without separate legal status or bank account was some 
>serious indictment.

This is just silly. I found out about this event from an IAC mailing. I am 
on their mailing list.

>Louis, for his part, continues his sectarian diatribe against WWP and PSL, 
>whose name he just can't bring himself to remember. Don't you have 
>anything better to write about, Louis?

Of course I know who PSL is. They are the Party of Socialism and 
Liberation. *Everybody* knows that. They came into existence because you 
can't have a revolution without a revolutionary party. Didn't you know 
that? And they, and only they, will supply the American working class with 
the battle-tested cadre it so sorely needs, all 150 of them. Let's hope 
that when they have a national convention that a heating unit doesn't fail 
and send carbon monoxide into the hall. Without out those 150 geniuses, we 
are certainly doomed.



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