[Marxism] Re: WWP does it again

David McDonald dbmcdonald at comcast.net
Thu Oct 6 16:15:24 MDT 2005


Which doesn't make any more sense, unless you forget UFPJ's senseless
sectarian posturing when it came to September 24. Or the Democratic
Party, for that matter.


Goddam it, boy, when you gonna get it through your head that ANSWER is
supposed to be on our side? It is a GIVEN, an ASSUMPTION, that DP-influenced
organizations like UfPJ will attempt to exclude the left from participation
so they can support DEMOCRATS at will and fuck with the politics of the
movement, as in adapting to "It's time to start thinking about when we might
begin to withdraw troops from Iraq."

BECAUSE they are this way, the LEFT must embrace them in struggle in a
manner that UNITES the masses we are fighting to influence and lead, and
REFUSES to allow the Democrats to disunite the movement, while forcing them
to bring their adherents to the actions or fear losing them because we will
bring them if they don't. This is called flanking tactics, and it is what
you must do when you are unable to simply call the masses into the streets
and bring down the government. It is a process of making the Democrats
offers they cannot refuse. WWP, and PSL, to the contrary, do not want to
fight in any open arena for their politics. They declare their politics to
be the politics of whatever action and work with whomever is prepared to
settle for that mode of operation.

Once all the political questions are settled, they are perfectly willing and
able to work with anyone to build as broad an event as can be mustered. Such
methods will not survive the first minor tremblings of real radical change
in the U.S.

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