[Marxism] Re: WWP does it again

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Oct 6 16:22:32 MDT 2005

Joe Davison wrote:
>Lenin's conception of the United Front was formulated almost a century ago.
>If Marx taught us anything it's that his worldview should be applied and
>adapted  as a guide to action with regard to evolving material conditions 
>and  not
>interpreted as a rigid blueprint regardless of those  material conditions.

Actually, the WWP and its new split-off are carrying out the "united front 
from below". This ultraleft and sectarian tactic favored by the Stalinist 
CP of Germany helped Hitler come to power. Fortunately, the class struggle 
in the USA is not at the stage where groups like WWP and PSL can have that 
sort of effect. They are much more of a nuisance and a sideshow than a 
serious threat to left unity.

>Yes, the WWP split, and undoubtedly for in the main spurious reasons. But  so
>did the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks in 1903. What of it?
>History will decide.

The Russian social democracy had widespread support in the Russian working 
class in 1903. People such as Lenin, Trotsky and Plekhanov had tremendous 
influence through their writings and their leadership of strikes and 
demonstrations. The WWP and PSL leaders have never and will never write 
anything like they did if they tried for a million years. To even mention 
the Russian Marxist leaders and these two-bit sectarians in the same breath 
is a travesty.

>More power to the WWP and any other organisation that is active in the US.
>Ultimately, the working class will decide who to follow. At this point it's
>only  important that people are active.

No, it is important to fight intelligently.

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