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Ian Pace ian at ianpace.com
Thu Oct 6 16:50:23 MDT 2005

From: <wrobert at uci.edu>

>I thought I would comment briefly on the discussion of Islamism.
> Obviously, there is a difference between political Islam and the vast
> diversity of cultures and practices that fall under the rubric of 'Islam',
> but you need to recognize that the same thing is true for the notion of
> political Islam.  You are moving dangerously close to an orientalist
> conception of the term if you collapse the complexities of the political
> debates that occur under that term (political Islam) into the image of a
> 'zealous Islamo-fascist.'

OK, 'political Islam' isn't a good term, perhaps 'theocratic fundamentalist 
Islam' is better? Actually I prefer if possible to leave the 'Islam' word 
out, and use something like simply 'theocratic fundamentalistism' instead or 
even 'religious sectarianism'. 'Islamo-fascist' is a loathsome term with 
both orientalist and imperialist overtones that I would never use. 'Islamic 
fundamentalism' might not be such a bad term if it hadn't been so 
extensively appropriated by the right. It's OK if used in the same context 
as Christian or Jewish or Hindu or whatever other fundamentalism as well, I 
> P.S.  Also in regards to Iran, while far from trying to defend the regime,
> it also seems that the term 'facist' is also not a particularly good word
> to describe it.  After all, even Khomeneni couldn't get rid of the
> traditional Shiite practices of critical interpretation and even with the
> new conservatives in power, there is a lot of critical energy that is
> being used in that direction
But didn't some degree of critical thinking still remain in Mussolini's 
Italy (or even in Nazi Germany to a small extent) as well?


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