[Marxism] The immigration thread

rrubinelli rrubinelli at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 6 20:01:31 MDT 2005

"I disagree that the  overwhelming priority is to demand the withdrawal
of  US troops and their allies.  If the reactionary,
clerico-bourgeoisie of Political Islam were to seize power by stepping
into the vaccuum caused by a sudden  US withdrawal, an enormously
backward step will have  been taken."

"For me, the question of WHO forces the US out of Iraq
is of great importance. If the US can be forced out by
a partly functioning constitutional democracy with a
reasonably strong workers' movement as a part of it,
this would be a far better alternative. At least
anti-capitalist elements might have some space within
such a set-up to conduct their activity. While I am a
Marxist, I am also a Humanist and I would not wish
Islamist backwardness and barbarism upon my worst

"This May Day I'll be marching for a graduated
withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, for maintaining
Iraqi ownership over Iraqi resources, and for
solidarity with the developing workers' movement
Anybody out there recognize those words as the words of our
misunderstood Mr. Katz?

Well they're  all his.  Directly quoted from his posts.

So much for his support of immediate, unconditional withdrawal. So much
for his broad-minded socialist understanding of the intricacies of
class and ethnicity. So much for misundestanding of the real intent and
content of his  broad-minded socialist understanding of class
solidarity.  So much for our misunderstanding of his real concerns
regarding the "progressiveness" of Islam.

It's all white man's burden bullshit and deserves exactly the heated
treatment it has received.


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