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Barney Katz taxi4marx at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 6 20:33:17 MDT 2005

--- rrubinelli <rrubinelli at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Oh you're a clever one all right, Mr. Katz,
> pretending that I and others on the list don't
> really understand what you meant in using "Islamist
> filth,"   'oh don't you see, mr.
> rubinelli, filth is the noun, and Islamist is the
> adjective.  I'm not saying they're filthy
> because they're Islamist, I'm saying that they are
> filthy and happen to be Islamist.
> Acutally I mean they're fascist, yeah filthy
> fascists, yeah that's the ticket..."
> Spare me, spare us all your sophistry, your tortured
> use and torture of language.
> I, and I bet I'm not alone, know exactly what you
> mean when you use terms that
> attach an ethnicity to a "dirty" "evil," content.  
> What a bunch of shit.  Is that plain enough for you?

I think you need to read my very simply stated
clarification to you and Louis Proyect re the
difference between 'Islamist' / 'Islamism' and
'Islamic' again. If, after that, you still don't
follow then I'm afraid I can help you no further. And
don't attribute words to me that I haven't stated, as
you've done above.

> Clever indeed.  Because through such verbal
> contortions you once again seek
> to deflect attention away from your refusal to
> answer the simplest, most direct
> of questions.  
> You're denouncing the Islamists as fascists?  What a
> joke.  You won't even directly
> state if you advocated immediate, unconditional
> withdrawal of occupying forces, the USUK &
> partners, from Iraq. 

I've stated it twice already. Perhaps you should try
reading my posts before responding to them. It would
waste less time in having to read and correct your

Yes, I support immediate unconditional removal of
foreign troops from Iraq, not from any need on my part
to be consistent with some abstract theoretical
position, but because that's what Iraqi workers want.


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