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What has not changed is your laughable description of yourself as a
"humanist," a humanism you manifest by referring repeatedly to "Islamist
barbarism,"  "backwardness," "filth."  That's a fine humanism you got
there Mr. Katz.

What has not changed is your sophistry, your equivocation, your
word-shifting-- reading you is a little like listening to William F.
Buckley, or Milton Friedman talk about "freedom," "dignity,"
"responsibilty."  Actually, it's a lot like listening to them bend and
twist language, to drain it of all real content, and then fill it up
again with ideological drivel that masks the reality of death squad

Certainly, one can change a position, but given the heavy theoretical
and oh so practical buttressing you gave your previous positions, you
really owe it yourself and maybe others (not me, by the way) to explain
the change with bit more than what the "avowedly socialist elements in
Iraq are now demanding."  They were demanding that in April.

Your equivocation, sophistry, remain constant as you state now, like
before, you are worried about the prospects of civil war when the
foreign troops pull out.  That's real generous of you Mr. Kurtz, I mean
Mr. Katz, since the foreign troops are the source of the civil war,
since the imperialist war is exactly a civil war.

There's still the matter of the 4 questions about immigrant workers...


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