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Fri Oct 7 02:21:34 MDT 2005

--- Macdonald Stainsby <mstainsby at resist.ca> wrote:

> Barney Katz wrote:
> > But since then I've changed my mind on the matter
> of
> > "graduated withdrawal", based on what the demands
> of
> > the more militant and avowedly socialist elements
> of
> > the workers' movement in Iraq are
> the movement of workers.
> wonderful.
> Where can I find this enlightening bunch you speak
> of?

Do an internet search. You can begin with:

Basra Oil Workers' Union,

Federation of Workers' Councils and Unions in Iraq,

Worker-Communist Party of Iraq,

Unemployed Union in Iraq.

And there are several others.

The point is not that they're "enlightened" but that
they are on the spot and at the pointy end of the
struggle. I think this gives them a privileged
position to decide what  should happen in their own


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