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***Forward Widely***

War, Poverty, Racism: Time for an Alternative
Northeast Socialist Conference

Saturday, November 5, 2005
City College of New York
138th St. & Convent Avenue

New York City

A new opposition is being born. In D.C., hundreds of thousands turned out 
in the biggest antiwar demonstration since the start of the Iraq war. The 
anger and outrage against Bush's policies at home and abroad were summed up 
in the slogans, "Make Levees Not War" and "No Iraqis Left Me on a Rooftop 
to Die."

Millions of people are asking fundamental questions about, in Time 
magazine's words, "system failure." The free market at home and abroad has 
produced savage inequalities. Instead of addressing these, the US 
government has imposed free trade policies that have further impoverished 
the world's workers and peasants and pursued vicious attacks on our living 
standards here at home. To back up its reactionary economic agenda, Bush 
has diverted hundreds of billions of dollars to war and occupation, leaving 
a trail of devastation in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Haiti.

These horrors have laid the foundation for the new opposition and a new 
left. Cindy Sheehan's stirring protest outside Bush's ranch in Texas 
re-galvanized the antiwar movement. Katrina then sealed the end of what 
remained of Bush's post-9/11 consensus. The hurricane's devastation and the 
government's callous, repressive, and racist response exposed all that's 
wrong with American society.

In the wake of Camp Casey, Katrina, and the D.C. march, Bush has gone from 
winning an election in a polarized country to now becoming the least 
popular reelected president since Nixon, with solid majorities opposed to 
all his policies.

With increasing urgency, a new generation of activists is looking for an 
alternative that can explain the crisis in our world and help galvanize a 
fight for a better society. This year's Northeast Socialist Conference, 
"War, Racism, Poverty: Time for an Alternative," addresses today's burning 
issues, as well as how to fight for immediate reforms and organize for a 
new society-a socialist society built to meet human needs from New Orleans 
to Baghdad.

What you can find at the Conference:

Plenary Panels:

War, Racism, Poverty: The Case for Socialism
Turning the Tide: Taking on Bush's Wars at Home and Abroad

Workshops on Organizing:

Fighting the Racist Criminal Injustice System; Abortion Rights and the 
Fight for Women's Liberation; An Army of None: Building the 
Counter-Recruitment Movement; Overcoming the Crisis in Education

Workshops on Marxism:

System Failure: Why the Free Market Doesn't Work; What Is Imperialism?; Why 
We Need a Revolution; What Is the Real Marxist Tradition?; Why We Need a 
Revolutionary Party; What Would Socialism Look Like?; Is Socialism Against 
Human Nature?; Why the Working Class Can Change Society; Slavery and the 
Origins of Racism

Workshops on Today's Pivotal Questions:

Can the Democrats Be the Party of the People?; The New Bigotry: 
Islamophobia and Anti-Arab Racism; Che's Revolutionary Legacy; Chavez, 
Venezuela, and the Fight for Socialism; War Resisters: from Winter Soldier 
to Camp Casey; Blood for Oil: US Imperialism in the Middle East; The 
Struggle to Free Palestine; Unnatural Disasters: Capitalism's Destruction 
of the Environment; Rebels with a Cause: SNCC, SDS, and the 60s Youth 
Radicalization; "They Died Because They Were Black and Poor": Race and 
Class in America Today; Iraq for Iraqis: Why You Should Support the Iraqi 
Resistance; No Human Being Is Illegal: The Fight to Defend Immigrant 
Rights; Barry Sheppard on "Lessons of Building Revolutionary Organization 
in the 1960s."

Party with Radical Rap Star Son of Nun

Conference Schedule

9:00am:                        Registration opens
10:30am:                      Opening Plenary: War, Racism, Poverty: The 
Case for Socialism
Noon:                           Workshop Session I
1:45pm:                        Lunch
3:15pm:                        Workshop Session II
5:15pm:                        Workshop Session III
6:45pm:                        Dinner
8pm:                             Final Plenary: Turning the Tide: Taking on 
Bush's Wars at Home and Abroad
10pm:                           Party!

City College, NAC Building, 138th St. & Convent Avenue
1 train to 137th St., A/B/C/D trains to 145th Street
Registration in NAC Ballroom: $5 for those outside NYC and $10 in NYC

For more info: call (212) 502-0707 or email nyciso at hotmail.com
or visit http://www.nesocialistconference.net
To reserve free on-site childcare, please call by Friday, October 28

Sponsored by:

The International Socialist Organization, publisher of Socialist Worker 
& The Center for Economic Research and Social Change, publisher of the 
International Socialist Review and Haymarket Books



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