[Marxism] Washington's Lackey El Baradei wins Nobel Prize

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Fri Oct 7 15:25:13 MDT 2005

Well, El Baradei is sort of like Kofi Annan, Manmohan Singh,  and other 
"house" third-worlders in international agencies and governments. 
Occasionally utter amid great fanfare mild criticisms of the US (especially 
in front of liberals and NGO-types who get a bit squeamish about Bush's 
"unilateralism"), thus having greater credibility in your real role, which 
is being an instrument "of the Left" to facilitate that very unilateralism. 
Google "El Baradei, Ass-licking Bush lackey" and you get something like 
1,420,000 hits.   Here are a couple:

On North Korea

On Iran and North Korea

But, I'm sure you know this as well as anyone.  Just a reminder.

Louis Godena

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>   I think the subject is overdone.  Is El Baradei truly Washington's 
> lackey?

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