[Marxism] why did Marx reject moral?

Julius Wilm jwilm at ruc.dk
Fri Oct 7 15:31:17 MDT 2005

Paul H. Dillon wrote:
 > The production of wealth is already and has always been "organized"
 > socially; in capitalism, the market and the Law of Value are the social
 > frameworks of its organization.

oops, yes, that slipped. I meant: "not antagonistically".

Morality boils down to what people
 > believe is acceptable behavior from other people. The philosophical
 > elaboration of morality comes after the fact of its existence, not
 > before it.

The deniers of socialist morality assume that suppression of other 
humans, pollution etc. under the conditions of socialism is nothing 
anybody in their right mind would have an interest in anyhow, and hence 
they deny the need for any form of moral.

Apart from this (German) lecture I have not found anything that discuses 
this view in any detail.


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