[Marxism] Popular Front

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Fri Oct 7 21:10:42 MDT 2005

James Zarichny wrote, "Stanley Novak (the Floor leader of the Democratic
Party in the Michigan State Senate who defended me when I was under
attack from Senator Mathew Callahan) was a member of the Communist
Party.  I know for a fact that union organizer, Casper Kenney from
Flint, who was my state
Representative in the state legislature was also a member of the
Communist Party."

I'll take your word for this, Jim, but the suggestion that CPers holding
office as Democrats were an example of a "front" like the socialists who
were members of the early Republican Party doesn't hold water.  It isn't
just comparing apples and oranges but apples and orange fire trucks....

In 1860, the socialists and radicals in the Republican Party did not
have a national organization with which they would have formulated a
national strategy, much less be able to implement one.  

...unless the Communist Party is now, like the Mormons, inducting people
into the group retroactively.....

Mark L.

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