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Barney Katz taxi4marx at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 7 23:50:30 MDT 2005

--- Joaquín Bustelo <jbustelo at bellsouth.net> wrote:

> Katz writes: "The unfortunate thing is that the
> 'fascism' I spoke of is
> at its core based on a particular interpretation of
> Islam and what its
> world role is allegedly is, just as Nazism was
> centred on an
> interpretation of 'Germanness' and the world role of
> Germans vis-a-vis
> other peoples. It's difficult to leave 'Islamist'
> out of any adequate
> descriptor because of its centrality to the
> concept." 
> Perhaps a list should be set up for "Activists and
> Scholars in the
> Platonic tradition," as what this idealist drivel
> has to do with Marxism
> or the workers movement is beyond me.
> Joaquín

You don't suppose I may have been talking about what's
central to German Nazism from the perspective of
German Nazis themselves do you? And of what's central
to Sunni theocratic  fundamentalism - a global
phenomenon, I'm not talking just about Iraq - from the
perspective of the Sunni theocratic fundamentalists do
you? Perhaps we can ask the philosopher king?

To Louis P: 

What about Peron's Argentina? Fascist or something
else? It seems to have all the ingredients of fascism
to me - big man leader, corporatism, semi-mystical
ideological underpinnings; but no colonies and a low
level of economic development, though once was a
fairly affluent nation. Much more than just populism,

Also, I didn't say that the Taliban overthrew the
'national-democratic' government but that they
exterminated people associated with it, including
Najubullah himself, whom they apprehended from UN
protection, tortured and hung from a Kabul lamp-post.
His body was left there until it fell off as a result
of decomposition, after which his blood was
deliberately left on the lamp-post for months as a
warning to others. Fascist extermination and
terrorising of left forces? I think so.


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