[Marxism] al-jazeera

Sudhir Devadas sudhirdin at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 04:41:43 MDT 2005

the independent, london, today carries a most heartening bit of news ('frost
joins list of britons signing up for al-jazeera'), which will in time, send
more powerful tremors than the earthquake that has struck parts of the
indian sub-continent.
 al-jazeera has signed on a raft of western television professionals, for
their 24 hour english news channel, being launched next year. the highly
respected david frost, interviewer of last 6 british prime ministers & 7
american presidents leads this impressive panel. they are eyeing the
potential audience of 1 billion english speakers. this challenge to western
media oligarchs comes ironically from minuscule qatar,in the heartland of
the moslem world, where the anglo-american neo-colonial fantasy of empire
has manifested itself, red in tooth and claw. we can surely hope that this
new channel will break the hegemony of western imperialist media, mirroring
the succes of telesur, another ideological ripposte from the south.

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