[Marxism] The immigration thread

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Sat Oct 8 07:11:33 MDT 2005

Nothing flaming about it.  And no, there really is no subject to debate.
Mr. Katz said he was going to bug out, back to his "real world," doing
so without answering 4 or more real questions about his intelligent,
Marxist, humanist assertions.

But he decided to bug back in with more equivocation, more refusal to
examine specific class, concrete determinants of social struggle.  This
refusal is one more way for Mr. Katz to attach the grand terms of
condemnation to ethnic, religious, formations.  So Islamist filth is
replaced by Islamist fascism.

The rabid "rationality"  with which Mr. Katz covers his prejudice, his
fundamental adherence to the brutality of  the Judeo-Christian
tradition, is simply "throw down" language with a bachelor's degree.
And I am more than happy to "pick up."

No we can't debate this subject, anymore than you can debate "genetic
predisposition" to criminal activity with William Bennett.


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> This sort of personalised flaming is surely hardly becoming of
> Marxists. Is it so much to ask that we can debate this subject, even
> deeply antagonistic convictions, without resorting to this level?
> Solidarity,
> Ian
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