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The Volumizer explores Marxist educational theory and its relevance for 
education policy in capitalism today. It also charts adventures in the 
future of the human and social time. The website is Glenn Rikowski's, in 
the UK. In my mind, he is one of the top Marxist educationalists.

Subject: Fire and Dust
Fire and Dust is a new article from Peter McLaren in the International 
Journal of Progressive Education (Vol.1 No.3). It draws from "...comments 
made recently in the Bolivarian University of Venezuela, July, 2005, and 
from remarks prepared to be read at a meeting of socialist activists, 
educators, and scholars convened by the Movement for a Socialist Future, 
London, England, 2005, and finally from a Preface (in press) to the 
paperback edition of Paulo Freire's Teachers as Cultural Workers: Letters 
To Those Who Dare Teach, Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press, 1998."

You can see Fire and Dust at: http://www.inased.org/ijpeci.htm

The International Journal of Progressive Education home page can be viewed 
at: http://inased.org/ijpe.htm

The journal is sponsored by the International Association of Educators 
(INASED). Postgraduate and undergraduate students as well as academics and 
education activists can become members of INASED. For further information 
about INASED, see: http://www.inased.org/about.htm

The Volumizer - Glenn Rikowski, London. 

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