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Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Sat Oct 8 10:38:36 MDT 2005


Aren't we forgetting a little something?  Like history, like the
transformation of the bourgeoisie ascendant against its own preconditons to
the bourgeoisie reactionary against its own supercession?

CB: Yea, if by "we" you mean Mark L forgot this little something when he put
forth the theory analogizing the CP of the 1930's with the radicals of the

I'm glad to drop the analogy with the 1860's if we drop the analogy with the


Aren't we
forgetting  little things like the change from a  capital forced to tear up,
literally, the plantation/slavery property form in the South in the1860s,
to a capital willing, eager, loving to accommodate the
plantation/neo-slavery landed forms of property, as in the Philippines in


CB: Aren't we forgetting a little something like nobody was talking about
the 1890's , but rather the 1930's ? 

Aren't we forgetting a little thing like the abandonment, defeat of
Radical Reconstruction?

CB: How could we forget that ? So, are you saying that because of the
abandonment of Radical Reconstruction in 1870's that there could be no
fronting with a bourgeois party in the 1930's ? 

Rr: Aren't we forgetting a little thing like the Russian Revolution, a
workers revolution,which conquered power in direct oppositon to "proto"
popular fronts of that time, by sticking to its independent
organizations of class power to execute its uneven and combined class

CB: Aren't we fogetting a little thing like it was precisely the existence
of the Soviet Union that made a qualitatively different world situation in
1930 as compared to the situation in Russia _before_ the Russian Revolution

How long was Ripley drifting, asleep, in space?  60 years?  At least she
woke up when salvaged.

Rip Van Winkle, slept through the rev

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