[Marxism] Popular Front

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat Oct 8 11:08:29 MDT 2005

Actually, Charles introduced Lincoln and the Republicans, as an example
of a great historic "front" of some sort that provided a precedent for
the popular front of the 1930s....

Louis is right on one level about the limits of historical continuity,
though, insofar as the structural issues remain the same, the pattern is
predisposed to reemerge.  

My point is simple, on one level.

If you want the "legacy" of the Democratic Party's illustrious past, you
shouldn't cherry pick the pretty rhetoric.  If you want to embrace the
Democratic past have to take Jackson's slave shackles and FDR's
segregation, too.  You can't cherry pick the niceties and then protest
that we're discussing historical matters.  Btw, the same holds true for
the CP.

If you want to pick and choose what you want like in the Democratic past
and ignore the rest in order to rationalize voting Democratic...well,
you might as well be a member of the Christian Right voting Republican.
It's the same method.

Insofar as there is real continuity in all this, the two-party structure
has made the Democratic Party the graveyard of insurgent movements.  And
this process started as soon as it got underway...and it hasn't stopped.

I don't see much reason to rationalize the course of the Great American
Serial Killer of third parties or its accomplices who helped immobilize
and hold down the designated victims.  

Mark L.

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