Asiatic mode of production ( was Re: [Marxism] Hillel Ticktin on the theory of decline and capital)

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Sat Oct 8 12:35:37 MDT 2005

Louis wrote:

> >
> ><>
> Hillel Ticktin: We only know in historical detail of two transitions and 
> hence of periods of decline - to feudalism and to capitalism. The absence 
> of a transition in China, in the case of the Asiatic mode of production,
> is 
> itself very interesting, but that is another discussion.
> Comment: Isn’t Ticktin aware that the “Asiatic mode of
production” is a 
> discredited idea?

Louis, did I miss the irony here? But please explain in what way the
“Asiatic mode of production” should be discredited idea.


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