[Marxism] Ecology of Hurricane Mitch and now Hurricane Stan

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Sat Oct 8 13:03:21 MDT 2005

The google news site today reports that there has been a massive mud  
slide that destroyed a village entombing a thousand or more people in  
Guatemala. In 1998, there was Hurricane Mitch, a category 5 hurricane  
that killed 10,000 and perhaps 15,000 in Honduras.

Some of the recent posts on ecology, including nuclear technology,  
ignore the downside of development under capitalism. And that is the  
only development that was and can be discussed. The masses of people in  
the world do not have power to control technology. Even in the Soviet  
Union and today in Cuba, the constraints on development are conditioned  
by their geopolitical and military position in a hostile capitalist  
world.  Paradoxically, the Cubans, knowing above all that its moral  
position is its greatest strength in its confrontation with the U.S.,  
has been able to balance ecology with development more harmoniously  
than the USSR and China during the Cold War.

Under the present conditions of imperialist globalization, applause for  
technology without seeing how it is being used, how it fits in with  
over societal developments, why it is being used, who is making the  
promises, who contributes the capital, where the profits are going, and  
what is happening downstream (both physically and over time) makes no  
sense at all.

As with Hurricane Katrina, there was an official report in 1998 before  
Hurricane Mitch, one that also encompassed the conditions in the  
Mississippi Gulf region as well. The same conditions apply to tropical  
storm Stan:

Brian Shannon

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