[Marxism] Pomeranz

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Oct 9 16:00:15 MDT 2005

>CB: Voyaging there to trade does not have to include staying there,
>conquering and forming settler colonies. Exploration need not include
>conquest and enslavement. The very difference we are discussing is that the
>Chinese voyaged and traded , _but did not conquer and settle_.

Charles, you are idealizing China. The notion that it consciously chose not 
to build an empire like Great Britain's can be attributed to a different 
set of values seems implausible. Although China (and India) were not 
geographically dispersed empires in the sense of Victorian England, they 
came into being as a result of aggressive expansion by various dynasties, 
especially the Indian Moghuls. The history of East Asia is replete with 
lesser nationalities fighting off incursions, including Vietnam which was 
ruled for 8 centuries by China. 

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