[Marxism] A "Third Worldist" view of the American Civil War

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon Oct 10 05:54:21 MDT 2005

Paddy Apling wrote, "my comment would be that the argument as to
'popular', or 'united' fronts is a terribly academic one - as one can 
lead to the other - quite possibly in that order - provided the 
working-class position develops sufficiently strongly."

Since we're all historical materialists here, an example or two of this
would be informative.  I think there are many examples where it seems as
though a pre-existing popular front actually precludes the emergence of
a united front.  In the concrete example of electoral politics in the
U.S., you have the ghost of JFK or FDR commanding the misplaced loyalty
of many workers and blacks and women to the present
yuppified-Reaganized-Bushwhacked Democratic Party.  And this provides an
obstacle to the emergence of something like a new Progressive Party or
the success of the Greens or the reemergence of a mass socialist party.

Also, Paddy wrote, "much of the argument so far has been that nothing
can be done except by a 'pure socialist/communist' united front"

Something like "Bring the Troops Home Now" was never a "pure
socialist/communist" demand.


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