[Marxism] The US Civil War

Anthony Boynton northbogota at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 10 14:01:25 MDT 2005

Hi again:

I like Nestor's view about the US Civil War, but...

I think that the United States should be seen as
imperialist - albeit not in the sense of Lenin's
highest stage of capitalism - from the begining. 

The United States set out on a policy of territorial
conquest from before it achieved independence from
Great Britain. That is a kind of per-modern
imperialism that colored the rise of capitlaism per se
in the USA, north and south.

BOTH the north and south were dependent on western
territorial conquest before the civil war, and fought
the civil war largely over the issue of which region
would dominate the increasingly limited land to
conquesr and occuppy. 

Whether or not the United States would be an
independent imperialist power, or a regional and
dependent imperialism, was determined by the issues
Nestor raises. In my humble opinion.

All the best, Anthony

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