[Marxism] Peak oil

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Mon Oct 10 14:08:55 MDT 2005

Rod Holt wrote:

> But there is no engineering, scientific or technological reason why 
> thorium cycle power should be unsafe. 

re/ your comments on the thorium cycle and nuke power generally:

o  it is still untested in commercial practice, tested in experimental 
reactors only so far. i think Russia and maybe China are playing with it.

o nuclear power currently handles electrical power requirements, it has 
been estimated that nukes could not handle bulk of non-electrical power 
requirements before 2050.

o Thorium 232 is not itself capable of fission with release of excess 
neutrons. hence thorium cycle requires that  Th fuel undergo enrichment 
to uranium 233 via a thermal neutron reactor.

o see http://www-pub.iaea.org/MTCD/publications/PDF/TE_1450_web.pdf for 
major challenges to the use of Th cycle.

les schaffer

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