[Marxism] Pomeranz

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Mon Oct 10 14:27:14 MDT 2005

Louis Proyect : 

Charles, Columbus set out to find a route to India that bypassed the Middle
East middlemen. By and large, spices were purchased from Arabs who bought
them from Indians. There were heavy duties imposed on them. After the
Portuguese opened up direct sea trade with India (and colonized Goa in the
process), the price came down. Europeans were still looking for new routes
so as to be free of Portuguese monopolies. Columbus was the first to attempt
a voyage to India by going the opposite direction.

I think you are implying that the colonies were started as waystations along
the shipping route ? Then once established, a new idea occurred:  Start a
whole new country ?


>Then concerning conquest/colonialism, why were they colonizing America in
>the first place? For there to be a labor shortage in the Americas, they had
>to etablish production there in the first place. Before there was a labor
>shortage in the Americas, there had to be a fundamental decision to start
>establishing colonies there. It seems to me that this decision has to have
>an element of ideology in it. The technical advances in shipping, etc. were
>a necessary condition, meterial precondition. But still having ships and
>rest of the technology doesn't necessarily mean you have to settle and
>establish colonies, move large populations there.

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