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Peter McLaren mclaren at gseis.ucla.edu
Mon Oct 10 15:16:16 MDT 2005

Erik wrote:

Have you done some of the historical/bio's on Che?
Particularly John Lee Anderson and Jorge Castañeda?

por el socialismo,
Erik Toren 


Erik, thanks compa. Yes, my research was extensive, I used primarily the
Taibo book (my favorite), a book called A Brave Man I picked up in Cuba, the
Castaneda book which I didn¹t like (I gave a presentation with Jorge
Castaneda in 1997, [ the venue had to be checked for bombs], and  I disliked
Castaneda's book as much as his speech--at that talk a man in the audience
stood up and screamed at me that Che personally put a bullet in his father's
head  in La Cabana [highly doubtful], and I thought about asking what his
father did to deserve that, but then, I would have been jumped at that
point), and of course Anderson. I was invited to Rosario, Argentina to give
a talk on Che's birthday about a half dozen years ago. My Spanish is too
weak to read very effectively research in Spanish but I am working on
improving that. Anyway, Siglo XX1 in DF published the Che/Freire book in
Spanish, and so the issue comes up pretty much wherever I speak (so far it
hasn¹t come up in Caracas, but the Chavez govt is translating some of my
books to distribute to students there -- free of charge to students -- and I
will need to get some further research done to address this issue which I am
sure will come up in discussions. Thanks camarada for your comments. Further
advice is welcomed.

If you have any ideas on how to approach the issue of this part of Che's
history, please let me know compa.


Ps, there is a fundacion set up around some of my work and that of other
critical educators in Mexico, and I noticed that they posted an interview
with Che's son, for your interest:
Entrevista a Camilo Guevara, hijo del Comandante "Che" Guevara


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