[Marxism] Merkel to head German grand coalition

Intense Red intnsred at golgotha.net
Mon Oct 10 15:43:09 MDT 2005

 > Neverthless, I'm still disgusted by it. A question though.. is this
 > likely to piss-off the left of the SDP's constituency? As a result could
 > that be a boost for the Left Party?

   Let's hope so.  The left of the SDP really has to realize just what a 
sellout this is.  On the other hand, the coalition will have a large enough 
majority that they can just ignore the left of the SDP, which may prove the 
impetus needed for some MPs to migrate to the Left Party.

 In solidarity.

"If this war is so righteous, why don't you send your children?" -- Mother of 
dead GI Susan Niederer to First Lady Laura Bush (Bush didn't answer)

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