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Exactly, exists only in its "pure" form, most advanced form, in a few
countries-- absolutely correct, but this is what we expect.  Was Russia,
per se, with its backward relations of agricultural production, with its
the greatest part of its population trapped in "archaic" rural
relations, capitalist?  Of course it was-- it was exactly to the degree
that it was part of the uneven and combined development of capitalism.

But at the same time, look at the fetters that those archaic relations,
part and parcel of capitalism, placed on capitalist expansion itself.
Look at how the interpenetration of capital with landed estates, the
interpenetration, literally, of capitalists with the Russian
latifundistas limited the bourgeoisie, limited the "emancipation,"
dispossession of labor.

Look how this continues in the 20th and 21st centuries:  Dig this--

"Commercial and industrial interests overlapped with those of
agriculture as families in finance and industry often maintained at
least an interest in agriculture.  Indeed the purchase of land with the
profits of commerce had long been considererd a critical step in
improving a family's standing.  In addition to the overlap there were
strong integrating forces among the elite: kinship and marriage
constituted that cohesion.  Newly rich families tried to turn their
economic success into social capital by marrying into older established

Sound familiar?  Trotsky writing about Russia at the approach of the
revolution of 1905?.  Maybe.  But not exactly.  It's from the US Library
of Congress Study of Ecuador, explaining why the commercial,
manufacturing bourgeoisie of Guayaquil was hardly capable of breaking
the domination of the established elite in Quito, and thus could not
abolish the hacienda/huasipungo system where indigenous people were
required to labor 4 days every week on the hacienda in order to maintain
small subsistence plots.  In fact it wasn't until 1964 that the military
junta abolished huasipungo tenure obligations.

All these "imperfect" "stunted"  manifestations are absorbed by and in
the great plasticity of the capitalist commodity production precisely
because it, advanced capital,  can find/make the equivalent exchanges,
utilize the "deformed" commodities in its own "more pure" "advanced"
exchange with wage-labor.

Nevertheless the imperfect, stunted manifestation directly limit the
prospects for capitalist development, and the existing undevelopment
becomes essential to the integration, the grand alliance, of private

Now I must hug my pillow and try not to cry.  There is no joy in
advanced Mudville.  The mighty Yankees have struck out.  Anybody want a
no-clutch 3rd baseman with good stats but no delivery when it matters?
25 mill and he's yours.  Complete with 6 year contract, and bobble-head
doll.   A-Rod hits into double play in the 9th after Jeter leads off
with a single.  Giambi, Sheffield follow with singles.  Too little too
late.  Matsui grounds out.  No baseball team associated with Gene Autry
and Disney should ever be allowed in the post-season.

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