[Marxism] Scottish Klansmen, formerly against the Confederacy

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
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Shakespeare has some lines on there being more things on Earth than 
one can guess.

Look, cdes., recently I had the pleasure of meeting here in Buenos 
Aires a Southerner of Scottish origin, a cde. and a revolutionary, 
who told me a fascinating history about his own ancestors.  They had 
gotten to America by the mid-1700s, maybe Jacobite rebels, who knows. 
They settled at Canada at first, later on drifted Southwards and 
became farmers in the West Tennessee mountain area.  Yes, the area 
that attempted to split from the Confederacy and was less lucky than 
the Virginian counterpart.  Once the Reconstruction set in, then they 
became typical white trash and, yes, some were among the big wigs 
with the Klan.  

But, most interestingly, there was a corpse in the cupboard, which 
this friend searched for until he produced it:  while they lived in 
the Tennessee highlands, they were _for the North_, not for the 

Who knows how many stories like this one fill family cupboards the 
South over? How can American socialists put them to work, trying to 
generate a new host of revolutionaries by making people conscious of 
their own families' best traditions?  Maybe, for these poor whites, 
belonging to the Klan was the single road into societal respect.  At 
least the single one that the oligarch-bourgeois agreement of 1876 
left for them.

This agreement broke forever, which Katrina shows for anyone with 
eyes to see.  Don't US socialists have anything to say to these 

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> Yes, the Scottish set up the Ku Klux Klan.

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