[Marxism] Forerunner to Paul Berman, Christopher Hitchens et al

Michael Hoover hooverm at scc-fl.edu
Tue Oct 11 17:09:42 MDT 2005

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Liberal Imperialism.
It's nothing new. Here's a passage from John Stuart Mill's 1859 essay, "A 
Few Words on Non-Intervention":

it's older than mill (i'm, admittedly, stretching notion of 'liberalism'
here a bit), 18th century british empire was product of
whiggery and was deplored by tory bolingbroke, going back 
further, cromwell was principle british empire builder...

conservative burke is said to have been more 'progressive' with 
respect to india than likes of liberals after him such as mill, but 
burke's call for 'reform' should be understood for what it was: he
believed that once empire had been established, imperial power
should govern colonies with colonized people's laws and 'respect'
colonized people's customs...   michael hoover

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