[Marxism] Exploiting Srebrenica

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Oct 12 09:18:56 MDT 2005

Counterpunch, October 12, 2005
Using War as an Excuse for More War
Srebrenica Revisited


Last summer, almost the entire political spectrum in the Western world 
joined in a chorus of self-flagellation on the 10th anniversary of the 
Srebrenica massacre. The dominant theme was "nostra culpa": "we" let it 
happen, "we" didn't want to know about it, and "we" mustn't let it happen 

Dear reader, who are "we" in this case? How in the world could "we" (you 
and I) have known or done anything about this at the time? And in fact, how 
much do "we" really know about it now? We know what we read in the 
newspapers or see on television. But how precise and accurate is that 
information? How do we know now that we are much better informed than we 
were before the event?

Such questions are virtually taboo. Srebrenica has become a sacred symbol 
of collective guilt, and to raise the slightest question is to be instantly 
condemned as an apologist for frightful crimes , or as a "holocaust denier".

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