[Marxism] The New Chinese Century

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Oct 12 09:51:30 MDT 2005

>I hope that you all could advise me on where I can find more works
>relating to how China is asserting its economic and political
>supremacy currently.  What are the economics of its resolution of the
>current crisis of capital.  Citations of articles, essays, or books
>would be super-helpful and greatly appreciated.

I imagine that you've seen A.G. Frank's "ReOrient". If not, this is the 
quintessential work.

There are critiques of this book in Volume XXII, Number 3, 1999 of 
Wallerstein's Review by Wallerstein, Arrighi and Amin. You can read Frank's 
reply to them online at: 



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