[Marxism] White supremacy and Scots, Jews, San Patricios

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 12 11:27:26 MDT 2005

Nobody I know of has suggested that being racist was a 'natural' facet of 
'white' American consciousness. The fact of white supremacy and its 
accompanying ideology is a socially engineered historical process. But for 
the American racial order to have been constructed as it has been 
necessarily involves, and has involved, massive 'white' support for the 
oppression of black people, native Americans, latinos, and Asians, etc.. The 
ideological legacy of white supremacy is still of huge import in America, 
even as white privilege takes new forms, and endangers many of its former 
beneficiaries. You cannot divorce government action from the actions of the 
government's active support base in any glib way. *That* is unmarxist.

At any rate, when disaffected white Southerners migrated North after the 
civil war, they thereby entered a new racial order of white supremacy, one 
quite unlike that hitherto found in the South. Many of those that stayed 
behind in the South joined the Ku Klux Klan en masse. Many joined the IWW 
(but we have gone over that debate already).

To suggest that the mass murders, lynching, and efforts at genocide 
conducted by white Southerners after the civil war were not conducted by the 
white working class is appalling revisionism.

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