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 The University of Pittsburgh team of Susan Corbesero, Helena Goscilo, and
 Petre Petrov takes pleasure in announcing the launch of their STALINKA, a
 comprehensive digital library of Staliniana for educational purposes.
 STALINKA comprises both visual and verbal texts.  The latter, currently
 under construction, includes biographical history, annotated bibliographies
 of Joseph Stalin's works, a "Who's Who" of individuals and organizations
 central to his activities, and critical scholarship on Stalin/ism. The
 visual part of the collection (now approximately 370 images) encompasses
 representations of Stalin in various genres: portraits, sculptures,
 graphics, photographs, and material objects.  Hosted by the DRL (Digital
 Research Library) within the University Library System (ULS), these images
 may be accessed at


 We welcome anyone and everyone to the site, but emphasize that all the
 images are copyrighted and may not be disseminated or used outside the
 classroom without permission.  Enjoy!

 Helena Goscilo for the S-Team
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